Foundation & Skin Cream by Throne Beauty

Foundation & Skin Cream Paring by Throne Beauty

Use these two amazing skin care and skin tone products together or separately for a glowing and polished final look. 

The Thorne Beauty Skin Cream is our signature “Beige Blend” used by our cosmetologists at Throne Beaty on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It adds moisture to give you a flawless base complexion which leaves your skin looking supple and youthful. And with SPF 30 sunscreen it protects while revitalizing. 

The Thorne Beauty Foundation is the ideal concealer of dents, discolorations or flaws that will give your skin a perfect complexion up-close in person or in front of a camera flash. 

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Foundation & Skin Cream by Throne Beauty

Price: $45.00

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